Tuesday, November 27

Black Friday Madness and Thanksgiving Weekend

First I want to start off by saying I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We did right here in Colorado. We weren't able to spend it with our families but we were able to spend it with our Army family. :) We were invited over to the Oakley's house, our friends that we met in at Fort Hood and are now here. It was great because another family, the Jennings, that we met in Fort Hood came to visit so we got to catch up with them too. Jackson played with the kids there and Ella wasn't the only baby. She was the oldest so she couldn't sit and play with the younger babies so she  had to hang out with the adults. After a great afternoon we headed home and I had to psych myself up for Black Friday shopping. I didn't rush out to get in lines but realized I maybe should of left a little earlier than 30 minutes before the store opened. I got to Toys R Us about 15 minutes before doors opening and thought that we would all be let in at 8 but boy was I wrong. I ended up waiting in line outside for an hour. It was a good thing there were some nice ladies standing in front of me because we talked the whole time. By the time I got in the store it was 9 and I asked the guys at the front of the line counting people how many had gone in already.... 1,000. I thought 300 maybe 400 so that number surprised me. So once I got in there I only spent about 30-45 minutes shopping and headed to the checkout line. I waited there again for another hour! After that I wasn't in the mood to go to any other store but it was 11:00 and Kohl's opened at midnight so I decided I was out so I would go. I got there at 11:30 and the line wasn't as bad. I also met a nice couple there and talked with them. Kohl's let us all in so I didn't have to wait outside after the doors open. But for those of you that know me I am not one to hold my tongue when people do something not right. As we were all going in like 50 people got out of their cars and starting walking towards the door. I was not about to let anyone that sat in their warm car go in before me! Luckily only like 4 people tried to blend into the line by me and I made sure to tell them that the line was all the way back to the grocery store!! Only one had the nerve to talk back and I won because she got behind me. :) It was funny because after the first two I talked to the family in front of me told me of the two other people. They said they were glad I was there because they didn't have the guts to say anything. Have no fear Amanda is here! :) Anyway, we got in and I got the one thing I went for, a Step 2 play kitchen. It was on sale for $60 and then I had another 15% off and a $10 off coupon. I got that sucker cheap! Success! After that my night was done and I headed home to go to bed. The kids shopping is done and it feels good. Until next year, NOT! Friday was spent low key and then we we went to another friend's house for dinner and games. It was one of the captains Brian works with that Jackson has become best friends with. It is so funny. James got Jackson a Christmas present and it was so cute! They are best buds. Saturday was a family football day that was spent watching Auburn lose Alabama. That stunk but we had a great relaxing family day. Our coach of course got fired on Sunday because this was the worst season we have had in like 55 years. Hopefully next year will be better. And to end our holiday we had our neighbors over on Sunday night for dinner. They have two kids and are a lot like us. Jackson had a blast with their daughter and they played downstairs in the playroom and Ella played with their little boy who is only a month older. It was a perfect end to a perfect 4 days! I of course took like no pictures but that's OK because all the memories are in my head. Now on to a busy week!!

Monday, November 19

Weekend Fun

Wow what a weekend! We started our weekend getting up early and running a 5K. Brian was suppose to run the 10K but decided to run with me in the 5K. He is so sweet. It was Fort Carson's annual Thanksgiving 5k/10k Turkey Trot. They raffle off turkeys at the race but we didn't win one. :( Oh well maybe next year. So this race was my first race and real workout since the zombie obstacle 5k race, Run For Your Lives. I am not is shape at all but was able to complete the race in 37 minutes. I consider that good because this was my first race at such a high altitude and it was VERY HILLY. It definitely did a number on my legs and my lungs. After the race I sounded like I was sick because I was a little wheezy. Brian now wants me to do the Spartan Race next summer on Fort Carson. I think in order to do that race I have to start training for it. ;) The rest of Saturday was spent making baby food for Ella and Brian had a guys day where he went shooting. Then we had a very nice family day on Sunday. We cooked a turkey and all the fixings! We decided to have our own little Thanksgiving meal just as a family because we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends on Thursday. It was a great weekend! Here are a few pictures from our weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for Thanksgiving. :)

Tuesday, November 13

Just Another Day

So it looks like we have decided to stop with Turn the Page Tuesday for now. We had high hopes for it and so maybe we will try again after the holidays. I will still occasionally share a few holidays books with you just because they are really good books. I will share my first holiday book probably next Tuesday. For now I will blog like I use to, when I have time. :) Anyway, we had a slow 4 day weekend but it was nice because Brian was home. It started off shaky because Brian came down with the stomach flu and was out all day. He felt better Saturday morning but wasn't back to his normal self till Sunday. So we didn't do much but it was still nice. We rented Arthur Christmas with Jackson and it was really cute. Then Sunday night Brian pulled out one of our favorite holiday movies of all time and watched it. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!!! We decided after that we were ready to start pulling out decorations slowly. We put Jackson's tree up in his room and he love it. I think next weekend we will put Ella's up in her room and then the weekend after Thanksgiving the big tree will go up! I can't wait if you can't tell! :) Well that's all for now. I have to run because I am meeting up with a friend and her little girl to take the kids to a Pixie roller skating class. This should be real interesting watching Jackson out there. I want to leave everyone with one little note, SLOW DOWN! Where ever you are driving to this holiday season, it will be there when you get there. Yesterday on my way home from the dentist I saw a really bad car accident and one the drivers was on the pavement surrounded by emergency workers. Reckless driving isn't worth the results. On a happier note, hope everyone has a great Tuesday and rest of the week.
This sums up our weekend :) I told Brian to take off the silly sunglasses but for some reason he likes his army ones.

Friday, November 9

Flashback Friday

It is finally Friday! My husband has a four day this weekend but last night came down with the stomach flu! :( He is miserable and looks like he will be spending the day in bed. I hope of course he gets better but even more that no one else in the family gets it! So last night I went to my first Arbonne party and I feel like my life has changed. ;) Their products seem so great and decided to try some of it. I have real acne prone skin and haven't found anything in the stores that works. So I decided to spend some money and try it out. I am really excited about the products and all the benefits. One of the things that I learned last night that has really stood out in my head is that if you don't wash your face before bed then you age your skin by 7 days!! How crazy is that. I bought the anti aging line and a couple of the acne products. I think later today after I shower and before I put make up on I am going to take a before picture. It will help me see the results! Needless to say I am really excited to get my products!!!! :)
Now on to Flashback Friday.  I chose this picture because sometimes it is nice to look back at the times when it was just Brian and I. This is from our honeymoon. I love this man! Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, November 6

Turn The Page Tuesday: Week 11

Today is two things, Election Day and another Turn The Page Tuesday. I hope everyone goes out and votes! Now on to my book pick. Since it is Thanksgiving I want to share a book that goes along with the holidays. We got this book last year and it is so cute. It is a counting book and as you know I love books that help teach things! So.......

10 Fat Turkeys
By: Tony Johnston

This book follows 10 turkeys fooling around on a fence and each one does something silly that causes them to fall off one by one. At the end the fence breaks but don't worry they move their party to a tree!

This book never gets old and I love that it is not a long book to read too. I look forward to reading this one to my youngest Ella when she is ready to enjoy it. Hope everyone has a wonderful election day!
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