Tuesday, November 13

Just Another Day

So it looks like we have decided to stop with Turn the Page Tuesday for now. We had high hopes for it and so maybe we will try again after the holidays. I will still occasionally share a few holidays books with you just because they are really good books. I will share my first holiday book probably next Tuesday. For now I will blog like I use to, when I have time. :) Anyway, we had a slow 4 day weekend but it was nice because Brian was home. It started off shaky because Brian came down with the stomach flu and was out all day. He felt better Saturday morning but wasn't back to his normal self till Sunday. So we didn't do much but it was still nice. We rented Arthur Christmas with Jackson and it was really cute. Then Sunday night Brian pulled out one of our favorite holiday movies of all time and watched it. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!!! We decided after that we were ready to start pulling out decorations slowly. We put Jackson's tree up in his room and he love it. I think next weekend we will put Ella's up in her room and then the weekend after Thanksgiving the big tree will go up! I can't wait if you can't tell! :) Well that's all for now. I have to run because I am meeting up with a friend and her little girl to take the kids to a Pixie roller skating class. This should be real interesting watching Jackson out there. I want to leave everyone with one little note, SLOW DOWN! Where ever you are driving to this holiday season, it will be there when you get there. Yesterday on my way home from the dentist I saw a really bad car accident and one the drivers was on the pavement surrounded by emergency workers. Reckless driving isn't worth the results. On a happier note, hope everyone has a great Tuesday and rest of the week.
This sums up our weekend :) I told Brian to take off the silly sunglasses but for some reason he likes his army ones.

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