Tuesday, November 6

Turn The Page Tuesday: Week 11

Today is two things, Election Day and another Turn The Page Tuesday. I hope everyone goes out and votes! Now on to my book pick. Since it is Thanksgiving I want to share a book that goes along with the holidays. We got this book last year and it is so cute. It is a counting book and as you know I love books that help teach things! So.......

10 Fat Turkeys
By: Tony Johnston

This book follows 10 turkeys fooling around on a fence and each one does something silly that causes them to fall off one by one. At the end the fence breaks but don't worry they move their party to a tree!

This book never gets old and I love that it is not a long book to read too. I look forward to reading this one to my youngest Ella when she is ready to enjoy it. Hope everyone has a wonderful election day!
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