Tuesday, July 17

And The Race Is Finished....I'm ALIVE

I'm ALIVE! That's right I finished the zombie race, Run For Your Lives with 1 flag. This past Saturday was the 5k obstacle race that my husband and I raced in. I went in thinking that I would come out with no flags and would just be happy to finish the race. I chose to start with my husband in the fast group, the appetizers even though I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with him because he is fast and I didn't want to get held up in the crowds of the second and third groups, entrees and dessert. :) So off we went and off went the hubby. The first couple of obstacles weren't too hard but took some time because of all the up and down the hills. Then I came upon the giant water slide and it bottle necked because only one person could go down at a time. I bumped into Brian and he let me go in front of him. :) 

We then stayed pretty close together the rest of the race. He ran faster and would run through zombies first and then would cheer me through. He motivated me to get through the obstacles. At one point there was a maze and around the corners were zombies. It was pretty thrilling. Right in front of that obstacle there were of course zombies as well and your best route was to sprint through them. I of course ran through and right into a wall! I couldn't slow myself down. No worries though because I didn't hurt myself. There was also a haunted house part where you had to crawl in and fog machine was going. If you stood up then you had to dodge electrical wires. I didn't get shocked but could hear others running into the wires. 

I lost my first two flags pretty easily but was determined to finish with one so I came up with a strategy. I placed my flag in front between my legs. I thought for sure no one would grab there but I was wrong. There were several attempts but I was able to defend it. I did a modified Phoebe from Friends run where I swung my arms uncontrollably down by legs as running through the zombies. It worked because I made it to the end with that flag. I was so proud of myself because Brian finished with me but with no flags. Because I finished alive I was able to have the possibility of placing and I did. I got 3rd in my age group for females and was 8th overall. I was so proud of myself because I don't run and the only training I did was a workout DVD I have been doing since I had Ella 6 months ago. I had so much fun that I am already planning on doing this race again and want to do more adventure races! SO I highly suggest if this race comes to a town by you then you will need to "Run For Your Lives!"

last slide at end of race into pool of blood

look at all those hills



Brian and I :)

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  1. Hey sweetie! So proud of you for completing this race! Looks amazing! Every week I have High Five Friday (HFF) on my blog and this week you are in it!!!! :) Don't miss your high five girl! http://adashofmeg.com/2012/07/27/hff-24/