Friday, July 20

Today Has Been Interesting

What a Friday! I woke up this morning and thought I would be doing my normal routine of getting up with the kids, eating breakfast, and tidying up before nap times but that wasn't the case. Jackson, my 2 1/2 yr old woke up with a very swollen hand and forearm. He got a bug bite on Wednesday and I didn't think anything of it because it was just a bug bite. Well last night I noticed it was a little swollen but still didn't give it much concern. Then, this morning it was twice the size and I thought maybe we should make a doctor appointment just to be on the safe side and I am glad I did. So of course I called the appointment line and they said I needed to take him to the ER. I then packed up the kids and drove on post to the Evans Army Hospital. They took one look and took us right back and I was so thankful because I hate sitting in waiting rooms, especially with a 2 yr old and a 6 month old. The nurse that saw us said she thinks it looked like cellulitis which is an infection of the tissue. She was very nice and made us an appointment with the pediatric clinic so up we went to that clinic. Once we were finally seen by a pediatrician she concluded that it just looked like a really bad reaction to a venom of some sort. We were relieved and now Jackson has to take a steroid for 5 days and some Benadryl. I know it wasn't something really bad but I am glad I took him in because it could of been something worse and it is always better to be safe than sorry with little ones. We have to keep an eye on it all weekend because if it gets worse then we have to go back to the ER. I hope it has been diagnosed correctly and we will not be going back to the hospital. I am so thankful for the resources we have here at Fort Carson and Colorado Springs because when it comes to your kids you want the best and it has been so great here. When we lived in Fort Leonard Wood, MO we had to be transported in the middle of the night by ambulance to the Children's Hospital in St. Louis for something else that occurred with Jackson. Here we won't have to worry about that. :) Well, I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!!

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