Tuesday, September 11

Turn The Page Tuesday #3

Welcome back toTurn The Page Tuesday! Today is our third week sharing wonderful children's books and this week I chose to share 2 books that we own and love!

They are part of a series called The Good Night Our World Series. They have a book for almost each state and some major cities. I love these books because it teaches Jackson things about the state he lives in. We originally were given Good Night Chicago from my sister because that is where she lives and where we are from and love to visit. Chicago is an important city to my family and so now he has learned a few things about it. After we moved to Colorado we bought Good Night Colorado. Not only has Jackson learned something from these books but my husband and I have. We have made a wish list of the places we want to see in Colorado before we move. :) I plan on continuing to buy these books as we move around the U.S. My next buy will be Good Night Texas because that is where Jackson was born and where we first lived after we got married.

On another note, I wanted to share a useful piece of information I learned last week. I was shopping online for children's books and came across Amazon's Bargain Books. They have certain books in surplus and sell them at a cheaper price. I think it is my new best friend. :) I found some great Halloween books and look forward to sharing those during the month of October. Hope you all enjoy this week's book selection and link up!


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