Wednesday, September 12

A Wonderful Gift

Happy Wednesday everyone. The week is half over. :) I want to thank all those that took the time to stop by and learn about some great children's books. Hope you stop by next Tuesday to learn about another one too. I have been browsing some other blogs and came across a Virtual Book Club for Kids over at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas. It is a year long and you link up once a month with one of the books from the picked authors and an activity to go along with it. I love this idea because not only am I learning about more authors but also fun crafts and activities to go along with the books. I hope my son will enjoy it as much as I will. 
Now on to today's post! I got a gift recently in the mail from a very good friend of mine and fellow Army wife. I met her right after we moved to Fort Hood, TX, our first Army stop and my first real experience being a part of an Army family. She was the battalion commander's wife and really showed me the ways. She took me and some of my other fellow Army wives under her wing and took care of us and showed us the ropes. I am so grateful that she came in to my life and will be part of our family forever! Anyway, she sent a gift for Ella and included something in the box for me and Jackson too. She had aprons made for us and they all match. I love them because not only are they cute but they are also Army which is my life now. I was just telling a friend how I wanted to go buy a cute apron and now I don't have to worry about it. I can't wait for Ella to be big enough to wear hers. I also can't wait till Jackson and I bake together again and he can wear his! 

Matching Mother & Daughter Aprons (with Name Tape)

Jackson's Apron (with Name Tape)

***Aprons were made by EYM Sew Proud and can find her on Facebook!***

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