Friday, August 3

Friday, Friday, Friday

It's finally the end of the week. I love Fridays because that means the kids and I get two whole days to spend with Brian! The Army started a new thing called "Pay Day Activities" where they where their dress blues to work and only have to work till noon on the first Friday of the month. SO, that means Brian will be home shortly and I can't wait. I love staying home with the kids everyday but it is nice when he is home and I have another adult to talk to. I know all you stay at home moms feel the same way. We don't have too much planned this weekend because we did so much last weekend. For those that missed it we went to a Rodney Atkins concert and the next day a Renaissance festival that was awesome. This weekend we are going to hang around the house so I can finish painting our handmade corn hole set. Once those are done I will post with pictures. I almost have one board completely painted and I am so excited because they are turning out exactly how I envisioned them. And then on Saturday we have a beer festival we might go to in Manitou Springs. There is also another beer festival the following week so we are not sure if we should do both or just one. We shall see! And then to end this post I thought I would leave you with some pictures of Jackson at Gymboree yesterday. We go every Thursday and he loves it. The pictures are a little blurry because he was constantly on the move. :) Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend!

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