Tuesday, July 31

Grocery Trip and New Favorite Snack

I usually go grocery shopping twice a month and occasionally have small trips in between for things I've missed or the commissary was out of. But today I made an extra trip because I saw some deals I couldn't pass up. I just made my big grocery trip on Sunday and didn't need anything I went for today. But like I said I couldn't pass up the deals. The local grocery store here has an app that you can register your store card and put coupons digitally on it. I have been playing around with it and found a bunch of things that we buy every time like coffee, diapers, pasta, shaving cream, and so forth. I decided to stock up since the deals were so good. I got 8 boxes of Barilla pasta for 88 cents each! That was my favorite deal. I know that sounds silly but I have to get my kicks somewhere! :) My next great find was a new snack find that is SO good. It is a convenient individual snack pack of apple chunks with yogurt and granola. They are delicious. The only thing I wish is that there were more in the bag but I guess that would defeat the purpose of a small healthy snack. They also come in Mango and I look forward to trying them!

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