Friday, August 31

Flashback Friday

So I just recently started doing "Flashback Friday" for every Friday's posts and think it is just a great idea. I have at the bottom of my posts the widget where shows other "posts you might like" and decided to click back on some and read the posts. Well, the ones that came up for some reason were around the time Brian came home from his deployment in 2010 and the holidays that year. It brought back a lot of good memories and A LOT of emotions. I think the emotions mainly because Brian has been gone for a week competing in Griffin week at Fort Hood. He comes back tonight and the kids and I can't wait. Jackson has been telling me "daddy home" all week. So I decided my flashback would be a video of when Jackson was a baby and he was dancing. It made me laugh and I think I have watched it like 5 times since reading that post. I hope it brings a smile to your face too!
We have a crazy busy but fun weekend planned and I am so excited to get it started! College Football actually started last night but Auburn doesn't play until Saturday night against Clemson and that is what I really look forward too. My husband enjoys it all so football will be on our TV all day tomorrow. Then hopefully we can do the Colorado Balloon Classic and then the Colorado State Fair on Monday, but we shall see how much we actually squeeze in.

Don't forget to be thinking about your children's book you want to link up on Tuesday for Turn The Page Tuesday! Happy Friday!

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  1. This put the first smile on my face this morning:) I miss these days, and Brian's contagious laugh!!!! Love you, and miss you already this weekend!