Saturday, September 1

SEC Football Saturday

It has officially started! 
(Well, the games actually started on Thursday but my team plays tonight and that is really the only game I watch.) 
College football season is here. :) I really enjoy watching my Alma mater, Auburn! WAR EAGLE! I occasionally enjoy watching Georgia play too because my bestie is from there and we would watch their games as well when we lived in the same town. We use to all get together and watch college football every Saturday at a different house each week and eat lots of yummy food. Well, since we have all moved away we haven't built up the friends yet to start that tradition again. Maybe later in the season. But we are still making yummy food today for our little family to enjoy and I have decided that every Saturday I will share my yummy recipes. I will post this week's recipes next week with pictures. So next Saturday I will be sharing with you Veggie Squares and Hot Bacon and Cheese Dip. They are both two of my hubby and my favorite's. So come back next Saturday for great recipes to make for parties. Hope everyone enjoys cheering on their teams and has a great weekend! 

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  1. I like the "button" for you Football Saturday posts!