Monday, September 3

Happy Monday and Weekend Fun

Happy Labor Day everyone. Our weekend isn't quite over yet because Brian is still home today because of Labor Day. I am not sure what we are going to do today but it won't matter because we will all be together. :) Our weekend so far has been great. We ate yummy food on Saturday while cheering on all the SEC teams and of course finishing our night with Auburn's game against Clemson. Even though they lost it was a good game to watch. I am already looking forward to their next game against Mississippi State. Sunday we didn't too much. We did go over to our friend's house for an evening cookout and made new friends there so that was great. I love meeting new people and finding friends that I have so much in common with. I also made a new friend at Jackson's gymboree class. As Brian told me last night, I'm a pimp because I got so many digits this week! Gotta love my husband! I'm not sure what we are doing today so we shall see once the hubby wakes up. I try and let him sleep in on the weekends because he gets up so early during the week for PT. Here are a few shots of the kids sporting their Auburn colors!

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