Thursday, August 30

The Last Couple of Days....

Man Oh Man! These past two days have been jam packed. Tuesday we launched Turn The Page Tuesday and I wanted to thank all that took the time to read about it. We hope to see you link up with us and share one of your favorite children's books. Then I was out the door and running errands. I had a makeup day for Jackson to go to Gymboree so we went. He of course loved every minute of it and I love watching him enjoy it. I then made a stop in Bath and Body Works and stocked up on my fall scents. I LOVE fall time and especially here because it actually feels like fall. In Alabama it never felt like fall. I then had to come home for a meeting with a an Army wife friend from Fort Hood. I am so glad that even after we move away from our Army family and friends that we do see each other again. Well, she roped me into taking on the chair position of marketing and media for the spouses club. This will be interesting! :) I am glad I have taken this on because it will help me meet more wives and get more involved although it will be some work. All in all Tuesday was a good day. Then I got up the next morning to hit the commissary bright and early before it got crowded. To my surprise they started a new rewards card that you can upload coupons onto. I was ecstatic. I love saving money but don't do the best cutting out coupons so this will help. So if you go to your local commissary and they aren't handing them out then make sure to ask your cashier.

After I got home I made baby food for Ella and washed the fruits and veggies that Jackson likes to snack on and boy did he when he came down from his nap. He pulled his stool up to the counter and made a feast out of it while they were air drying. I didn't mind so much since I know it is all healthy. Well the day finally came to an end and I was glad when I could put my feet up and relax kid free! :) Brian comes home tomorrow and I can't wait!!! We have fun plans for the weekend and I can't wait to kick it all off. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!!

Don't forget to come back on Tuesday and link up with Turn The Page Tuesday!!

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