Monday, October 15

Weekend Fun

Well it is Monday again and another weekend has come and gone! It was not long enough. I am still trying to get back into our normal routine since we got back from traveling and I can't seem to do it! Things just keep coming up and I am so busy. Our lawn hasn't been mowed in like 3 weeks and that is not like us. It is a good thing it has gotten colder out so it has slowed down the growth of the grass. I am going to try and conquer it this week since Brian has not been able to get to it. But, we shall see because even though that is  small thing it is a small thing on a long list of things I have this week and Brian goes out of town for a day this week. I think I just need to crawl in a hole and wish everything will just magically take care of itself! I wish the world worked that way some time. :) Anyway, even though the weekend flew by we still had a good one. We ran some errands and had Brian's Military Police Ball. I don't really know any wives and was worried I wouldn't have a good time. Boy was I wrong. Brian helped plan it this year and so he was able to pick what table we were at and it didn't disappoint! Everyone was so nice and welcoming.  The ball this year was at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and it was beautiful! It overlooked the mountain and the view was breathtaking. The resort offered a great deal on rooms so you could stay over night and not worry about driving home. We opted out of that so that we could get back to the kids. To start the night we met up before hand with everyone that was seated at our table in their hotel room and had a few drinks. Then went on to social hour. We then made our way inside and got to talking to everyone and they started pulling the beers from their cooler in the room from every pocket. It was too funny. I told them they just needed to roll the cooler under our table and they did! I was just joking but they thought it was a great idea. Our table was in the back kind of in a corner, thank goodness, so no one even noticed. It was hilarious because all night they just dug through the cooler and grabbed a beer and made drinks. It was quite a night! I will not forget this ball! I look forward to next year's already! I only took two pictures which isn't like e but I was having a good time and didn't really take the time to do it. Well, that was our weekend, now on to the week ahead!

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