Tuesday, October 16

Turn The Page Tuesday: Week 8

It is Tuesday again and that means another Turn The Page Tuesday. And since it is still October I have another fun Halloween book to share. I also thought since it is still the Berenstain Bears 50th anniversary this year that my pick would be one of their Halloween books. SO......

The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat
By: Stan & Jan Berenstain

I love this book because I grew up with the Berenstain Bears and I also love it because it teaches a lesson. The lesson is that looks can be deceiving. Brother and Sister bear get to go trick or treating without their parents and plan out all the houses they will go to. They don't want to go to one house because the old woman that lives there is scary looking. They ended up going with Too Tall and his gang and play a trick on her. In the middle of their trick the get caught! It you want to find out how it ends then let me know or go out and get it. :) Well, I need to get back to my busy day. Happy Tuesday!

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