Tuesday, October 23

Turn The Page Tuesday: Week 9

So it is Tuesday again and it is time for my weekly Turn The Page Tuesday post. I am a little late posting because I had a dentist appointment this morning, ughh! I hate the dentist but had to go of course. I have to get a filling in one of my teeth and I am really dreading that! Anyway, I of course have chosen another Halloween book. It is one my son has enjoyed in the past and I look forward to enjoying it with my youngest who is 9 months.

Here Comes Halloween!
By: Caroline Jayne Church

It is about a little boy trying to decide on what to dress up as for Halloween. As it goes through the different costumes there is different textures to feel. It is very cute, simple, and the illustrations are colorful and bright. Perfect for your little one!
Next week is the last Tuesday before Halloween and I have chosen a very cute book for my last Halloween pick! So come back next Tuesday to find out what it is!
Happy Tuesday!

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