Monday, October 1

Vacation is Over....

Wow! We made it back yesterday evening from our 9 day vacation in California and I am exhausted! We did so much and made some wonderful memories. The two kiddos are sick with a cold and I think I am coming down with one too. I took so many pictures and will have to post those at another time when I have more time. I thought today I would be able to unpack and do some cleaning but it didn't play out like that. You have to love the days that go in a completely different direction then planned. ;) Ella woke up with a fever and tugging on her ear so I made a doctor appointment for her. I figured it was probably just a cold but we are getting on another plane this Thursday so I didn't want to take any chances. The doctor said her ears look fine so that was great news but then he started asking questions about her weight and height and how she eats. She has gone down even more in percentile in both and he is concerned. I immediately got worried and starting thinking what am I doing wrong. He wants me to up her food amount at each meal and give more snacks. We have to go back in for a check up between her 9 month and 12 month check ups. I hope she starts to grow more because I would hate to find out there is something more serious wrong with my baby girl! He asked if we have any major illnesses in my family and that made me worry even more. This doctor in no way was comforting! I hate when doctors can give you no answer and just put fear in you! Well, I need to get going on dinner so I will post more later this week about our wonderful vacation!

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