Friday, September 21

Flashback Friday and Oh So Much To Do!

It is finally Friday again and time for Flashback Friday! I have chosen a picture that isn't that old but it still feels so long ago. It was right after I had Ella, LITERALLY! It was around 9:00pm and Jackson had been such a trooper. He stayed in Brian's arms through the whole delivery, probably because he was scared of what he just witnessed, but that's okay because he won't remember. He crawled up into bed with me and passed out. I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life. I'm sure there won't be tons of snuggle moments with my sweet little boy in the future as he gets older so I take what I can get and cherish all of of them! :) 
Now on to my weekend plans! We are going to Disneyland! I am so excited and so is the rest of my family. Jackson has been counting down and telling me everyday he is riding a plane to Disneyland! He then goes on to tell us who he gets to see there. I can't wait to see his face. After that we go to Brian's brother's wedding and get to see his whole side of the family. It will be a great trip!!! So, I will be absent for awhile from blogging but don't worry I am still going to share a book on Turn The Page Tuesday. If you are planning to link up and share a book then get your Berenstain Bears books ready and celebrate with us 50 years! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I will! ;)

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