Tuesday, September 18

Turn The Page Tuesday #4

It's that time of the week again for Turn The Page Tuesday. For all new readers, welcome! I always look forward to these posts because I enjoy sharing with all of you great children books. This week I have chosen a Disney book because my family and I are going to Disneyland this weekend and I am so excited. We have a few Disney books but I am going to share with you my son's favorite, Disney Pixar's First Look and Find, ABC's All Around.

ABCs All Around
Illustrated by: Sue DiCicco

This book doesn't have a story in it. It is a "search and find" book. I love these types of books because it has really taught my son new words and has done so through his and my favorite Disney Pixar movies. On each page there is a different movie with different things to find that start with a different letter of the alphabet.  

This book also grows with your child. On the last page is more activities for each page. You can go back and look for shapes or things that rhyme and so forth. I love books that are more interactive for kids and this one does just that! There is a whole series of these books out there and we already own 3. :)

Next week Rachel, my co-host of Turn The Page Tuesday, and I will be sharing our favorite Berenstain Bears book to celebrate their 50th anniversary. So if you want to link up next week then get your favorite Berenstain Bear book ready!


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