Monday, August 6

Weekend Fun

Our weekend wasn't  as entertaining as last weekend but it was still jam packed! I started my Saturday with yoga in the park and then came home to get ready for a beer festival. We went to the Craft Lager Beer Festival that was in Manitou Springs. We were suppose to meet up with some people but they bailed on us at the last minute so we made the most of it without them. I went as DD so Brian could drink. There was so much beer and Brian almost tried all of them. Jackson kept himself busy with water guns that we brought and Ella ate her fingers and stuck her tongue out at everybody. She at one point kept her tongue out for 5 minutes. I think the only reason she put it back into her mouth is because it dried out. :) And I people watched and listened to the bands. It was entertaining but after about 2 hours Ella was ready to leave so we did. It was a good long day and we put the kids to bed once we got home. Our Sunday was a little less eventful but we still kept ourselves busy. We tried out a new restaurant for Breakfast called The Egg and I and then hit up my favorite store, TARGET! We of course left with Starbucks. It was a great morning. ;) We finished our day with dog washing and mowing the yard and wings for dinner. It was a GREAT weekend. I now have to get through the week and prepare for our visit from our friends. Another busy week and weekend! Hope everyone had a great weekend tooo!

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