Monday, August 20

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way

Today has been a good day and I feel like I should share it with you. About a week ago one of my best friends Madeline who is also a fellow blogger, Food, Fitness, and Family,  and Army wife posted about how people get caught up in their lives and don't really pay attention to the world around them and I experienced that first hand today. She challenged everyone to a kindness challenge and I thought to myself that I really was going to try my hardest to help someone else. The week came to an end and the only thing I had done was help a fellow Army wife by taking on a position on the board for the Fort Carson Mountain Post Spouses Club. I didn't really feel like that was enough but of course my life got in the way and I wasn't able to do much else. Then today happened. My husband had the day off and we went to the PX, post exchange, at Fort Carson to run some errands. As we were walking in I noticed a pregnant woman in a panic with her little girl and she rushes up to her husband and tells him they need to shut the building down. They had lost their other daughter. I immediately asked her what the little girl was wearing. After that I told Brian to go one way and I went the other. I weaved in and out of stores and the bathroom calling the little girl's name. I finally found her standing by one of the exit doors and everyone around her was just walking by her. She looked so lonely and lost and not one person stopped to ask her if she was lost. She couldn't of been older than 5. I then called her name out and she came to me and I returned her to her mom and sister. The mom immediately dropped to her knees crying and hugged her. I just walked off after that. I felt for that woman because if that had been me I would of been just as panicked. My 2 year old likes to run off in stores now so I have to keep an eye on him and when he turns a corner and I don't see him I freak out. I know all you moms out there can sympathize with me. I am so thankful I was in the right place at the right time. Happy Monday!

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