Tuesday, August 21

Weekend Fun

I know this post is a day late but this weekend was a 3 day weekend for us with Brian and it fell on Monday instead of Friday. It came at a perfect time too because Brian has to travel to Fort Hood for 6 days and so we welcomed the extra time with him. This past weekend we didn't do much of anything but spend time together as a family. I did start the weekend off with yoga in the park which is always nice. The family came with and went to play with the ducks. I brought my camera to take some pictures but of course I didn't check the battery and it was dead so the hubby took a few shots on his phone.

After that we went home for nap time and errands. Our Sunday and Monday went pretty much the same way except for us helping that family at the PX. :)  This week and weekend and are going to be pretty calm. I have a sick 2 year old and I am going to try my best to keep my 7 month old from getting sick. Oh and we are counting down the days till college football season!!! I am working on a corn hole set and my goal is to get it done before the first game! Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a great week too!!

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