Monday, August 13

Weekend Fun

Another weekend down and the week begins. Our weekend started out somewhat slow and picked up a bit. I cleaned all week for our friends visit so Saturday morning I got to start the weekend out right with yoga in the park downtown. It was AMAZING! The weather here is starting to be a little cooler in the mornings and nights so it is perfect to work out in to break a sweat but you won't over heat. We had a different yoga instructor this time and I got a better workout. He worked every part of the body. At one point we were laying on our mats at the end and just breathing and relaxing, I opened my eyes to a beautiful clear sky and at that moment my mind was actually clear. That doesn't usually happen being a mother of two. I am usually thinking about what has to be done or what I forgot to do so the clarity was nice even though it didn't last very long. After I got home we ran to our commissary for some odds and ends to grill out with our friends and we also popped into the BX to let Jackson pick out a toy. I decided to rip the band-aid off and take away his paci for good. He was still using it at nap times and bed times. He picked out a toy that was on clearance, thank goodness. It was normally a $50 toy and we got it for $25! He loves this toy and has played with it every chance he can get. When we got home from the errands he ran right upstairs to his room and grabbed all his pacis and threw them right into the trash. It was too cute. Later that night he of course asked for them but I told him he threw them out and daddy had already taken the trash out and the bees got them. Jackson HATES bees and there are bees by the trash can all the time so it works in my favor. Now if he mentions the paci he then follows with bees and makes the cutest sad face. I have wanted to give him back the paci but have stayed strong. We are going day two and he didn't ask for the paci before nap time so we are doing good! Back to the rest of the weekend; we didn't make it out to Pikes Peak and will have to do that another time. The boys had a long night and so we decided to instead walk around the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo on Sunday after lunch. It was so nice as always. The zoo is one of our favorite things to do here in Colorado Springs. Jackson loves it and was just talking up a storm the whole through about all the animals. My favorite exhibit is feeding the giraffes. They come right up to you and grab the crackers right out of your hand with their LONG tongues. I didn't take any pictures this time but here is a picture from another trip just to show you how close you really are to these giraffes!
We ended our weekend with some yummy Chinese take out and relaxation. It all in all was a good weekend. Next weekend Brian has a 3-day weekend and I am sure we will be in for more fun! Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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