Wednesday, July 25

The Smallest Things

It is amazing how the smallest things in life can have such a HUGE effect on me. My son Jackson has just really started talking and some of the things he says just melt my heart every time I hear them. When I help him do something or give him something like a snack that he really likes he says, "Sanks Mom!" (Thanks Mom) It is in his sweet little boy voice and it is too cute. It just reiterates to me that he loves me and that I have done my job as a mom to make him happy. There are a few other things he does that put a smile on my face as well and I will really miss once he gets older and starts pronouncing things right. SO I thought I would write them down so I could look back at them and remember. He gets in front of me and holds his hand up and says, "Top." (Stop) When he wants us to sit by him he pats the chair and says,"s*it." OK I won't miss that but it is pretty funny to hear a 2 year old say the bad word and not realize it. I will also miss the days when he stops coming into my room in the morning when he gets up and climbing into bed to snuggle and watch some morning cartoons. I know as he gets older he will do many more things to melt my heart but I will miss these! And not to leave out my sweet 6 month old Ella there are a few things she does right now that I will miss as well. I will miss the mornings when I come into her room and she immediately smiles when she sees me. She also scrunches her nose like a bunny and sniffs. I have yet to capture that on a video. And to end this post I will add one more thing my son just did that made me laugh. He told me night night for his nap and so I asked him if he wanted to read books. He then shook his little index finger at me and said no! Oh the joys of motherhood! :)

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  1. Sweet, precious, babies. I love them and miss them!