Saturday, July 28

6 Months Old

Ella is 6 months old. Where has the time gone! She actually turned 6 months old like 2 weeks ago but life has been been busy! So here is this post better late than never. :) I tried to take her 6 months pictures but she did not want to cooperate. As soon as she saw the camera she tried to grab it so I only got one picture of her sitting up. As she was trying to grab it she smacked her head into the camera so that is why she has a red mark on her forehead in between her eyes. She is too funny because she won't sit still. She has to be rolling all around the floor to get everything she sees into her mouth. She is going to be one of those babies that has to be put into a baby playpen to play because she will find everything and eat it. She is also getting close to crawling. She pushes up onto all fours and rocks back and forth. I am not ready for her to crawl yet but she is on her own schedule and made that perfectly clear on the day she was born! I am enjoying every moment watching her grow and look forward to the rest!!

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