Tuesday, June 26

What A Morning!

Today has just been one of those days that I don't want to repeat. It started out good with me waking up and making my family a very good breakfast of bacon, egg, and cheese crescent roll-ups and fruit salad. I even brewed my hubby coffee and took it up to him while he was getting ready. We cleaned up dishes and Brian took Ella from me so I could go shower. Then it just started going down hill. I have been potty training Jackson and he has been doing so good. He has been in big boy underwear since Friday. Well, I was nursing Ella before we had to get out the door for Gymboree and he tells me has to potty. I jump up and put Ella down and rush Jackson to the bathroom. He hasn't really gotten the hang of pulling his pants down on his own so I have to help him. We didn't quite make it to the potty soon enough so accident #1. Then we were getting our shoes on and accident #2 happened. We finally get out to the car and both car seats are out of the car because Brian had to use the car yesterday. I was already running late so this was not good. I get the seats in and get the kids in and start the car. I have no gas, really?! So I am not going to be even later. As I was pulling out of the neighborhood there are cows roaming the streets. Yes I said cows! This made me laugh and Jackson loved seeing them roaming around. We finally make it to Gymboree 20 minutes late and get inside. Jackson then tells me 5 minutes later that he has to go potty so I pick him up and Ella in her car seat and run to the restroom. We almost make it! He ends up peeing a little in his undies. I get him cleaned up and we head back to class for the last 10 minutes. It  was almost like someone was telling me not to go out of the house. We then meet Brian for lunch and Jackson has to go potty again! So I run him to the bathroom and he almost makes it once more. I just need my two year old to learn to hold it until we make it to the restroom! I think I need a drink tonight after the kids go to bed! I had more things planned to get done but after the morning I just don't have the energy anymore! Oh well I will do them tomorrow. :) Just another day in motherhood!

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