Friday, June 22

Potty Training So Far....

SO I have begun the journey of trying to potty train Jackson, my 2 year old. I started almost two weeks ago on a Monday. We did the whole set the timer and sit on the potty for the first 2 days. He would manage to push something out every time. I think he did that just to get a sweet surprise at the end. I have jelly beans and m&ms as treats for going. He would get 2-3 each time and love it. Then my husband said I was going to give him cavities. I didn't care too much for his input since he wasn't potty training him. I then made a potty chart to put fun stickers on and Jackson enjoyed that for like 2 days then he didn't care for it. I occasionally let Jackson run around butt naked but he didn't like not having anything on so I put on his pj pants since they were snug fitting. Well, he liked that but pooped in them twice. He didn't not like that and the days he did that he was on the ball with telling me he had to go so it didn't happen again. But then the next day would go back to peeing in his pull up unless I stayed on top of him. So today is day 12 and I let him pick out big boy underwear yesterday and he is wearing them today. We are going to see how that works for the next couple of days. I want him to learn to tell me he has to go and not go on command because he knows how to go in the potty now he just needs to learn the sensation and let me know. We will probably have some accidents but I'm mentally prepared for that. So we shall see how it goes!! If you have any suggestions I'm open to all of the them. :)

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