Wednesday, March 7

A Weekend of Firsts

This past weekend was pretty eventful. Jackson got his first professional haircut. We were going to take him to one of the kiddie hair salons but every time we went to one I felt dirty. They all had toys and a play area and all I could think of was how many kids played with them and sneezed on them and who knows when they were cleaned last so we took Jackson to my hairstylist and he did great! And it only cost us $8. We were so happy with the final product. Jackson did really good. He didn't try to get down once. About halfway through he started turning his head while she was cutting it but she handled it really well. I knew she would because she has a little boy at home that is a few months younger than Jackson and she cuts his hair. For the past year I had been trimming Jackson's hair and it looked fine but recently it got away from me and got too long. I knew I would royally screw it up so I didn't attempt it. I am going to try and keep up with it now but we will see how well that goes. I took tons of pictures but won't bore you with all them. I will only post 2. ;)

After his haircut we went to our first Colorado College hockey game. Jackson loves sports and so we knew he would love watching this game too. We went last October to a Colorado Avalanche game in Denver and he loved that. For those that don't follow hockey that is a NHL team. I grew up watching hockey with my dad. We followed a minor league team in Huntsville and loved it. I loved watching all the fights because as we all know that is the best part. I was really disappointed when there were no fights during the Avalanche game so I had my fingers crossed that there would be some at the college game. I certainly was not let down. We had really good seats. We were the second row from the glass and it just happened to be where all the action happened. Both goals were scored by us and the big fight happened right in front of us. It was awesome. Six players got involved. It of course scared Jackson and he kept pointing to leave. He didn't cry but didn't enjoy being right by the fight so he snuggled into my shoulder which I didn't mind. I didn't take any pictures because my hands were full with Ella and Jackson. Finally on Sunday we took Jackson to his first movie. He has been dying to see The Lorax. Every time it came on TV he would get excited and point. He would also make me watch the preview of it on demand all the time. So we packed up Ella and snacks and took Jackson. It was great. We got there early enough to pick the best seats. we were in the row right behind the handicap seats so we had a railing in front us and no actual seats. Jackson was able to walk around and not bother any other viewers. Jackson chose to stand through most of the movie. I am surprised his legs didn't get tired. It was also Jackson's first time eating popcorn. I was nervous at first but he did really well. I told him one piece at a time and to bite it. He was only allowed to eat before the movie started because the lights were still up. I am pretty sure Jackson enjoyed himself. Our next family movie date is for the new Madagascar and maybe Despicable Me 2 after that. To end our great weekend we had beautiful weather and grilled out for dinner. It was in the upper 60's and sunny. That kind of weather here is so nice because there is no humidity and the sun always makes it feel warmer. We stopped at Whole Foods on our way home and picked up burgers and all the ingredients to make my mom's pasta salad. It tasted a little different but good. Whole Foods has all organic products so the pasta salad tasted healthier but not in a bad way. It was a great way to finish our weekend! This weekend we have some surprise visitors that decided to fly out at the last minute so I am sure we will have another great weekend. We are going to venture to Denver because the weather is again suppose to be nice. I can't wait!

Since this whole blog was pretty much about Jackson I thought I would add a little about Ella. She is such a great baby. SO calm and laid back. She turns two months old on Friday so I will post about that later this week. Here is a picture of her just hanging out and talking!
 I forgot to posts these pictures of Ella with her daddy on Valentine's Day!

my sweet baby goes cross-eyed sometimes :)

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