Monday, March 19

My Little Boy Is Growing Up

Last week I accomplished a huge task, switching my 2 year old from his crib to a toddler bed. There were a few things holding me back. One, I didn't want my little boy to grow up. Two, he still moved a lot in his sleep and I didn't want him to end up on the floor sleeping. And three, I wasn't sure if he was ready. So, I didn't plan on making this change until this summer but my in-laws were in town and bought Jackson his toddler bed from Pottery Barn Kids. It is the Catalina toddler bed and we love it and so does Jackson. It has two rails and is very low to the floor. You can put a rail on each side or two on one side which I plan on doing and scooting the other side against the wall so he doesn't roll off in his sleep. I went and picked it up on Wednesday and put it together with Jackson's help and Ella crying in the background. Once it was put together with the same sheets from Jackson's crib he just jumped right on it. He loved it and I think it still felt like his crib because it was the same bedding. He jumped up and down on it for a little bit and then followed me downstairs to make dinner. When Brian got home from work Jackson ran upstairs to show him his new bed. It was too cute! Finally bed time rolled around and we went upstairs. My son has always been easy at night. He loves bedtime which I am so thankful for. He was never into reading and we never finished a book before he was up again choosing another so we usually just laid him in his crib and kissed him goodnight. He was usually fast asleep 10 minutes later. Well, now I wasn't sure since he could get out of bed whenever he wanted so I figured I would lay him in bed and attempt to read books to him while laying next to him. Now we have a new routine every night and before nap time that I love. We read for about 30-45 minutes and then I have to tell him that's it and its time to go to sleep. He does just that and is out within 10 minutes. So the first night went so well for him, me on the other hand fell apart. I just wept like a baby. I was so proud of him but realized that my little boy was no longer a baby. I'm glad I had Brian to comfort me. He kept asking if I wanted to put him back in the crib and I said I couldn't do that. It didn't make sense to take a step backwards when he did so well and the transition went so smoothly. Jackson has now slept 5 nights in it as well as naps. I am so proud of my big boy and our next feat is potty training. I am looking at starting that after I come back from a friend's wedding in April. Brian is watching both kids again for the weekend while I go to the wedding. He did so well while I was at my friend Cody's wedding in Charleston that I have no worries he can do it again. I truly have the best husband and he is a wonderful dad! 

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