Wednesday, March 21

Army Family is Family

 Last night I was invited to a Dove Chocolatier Party and to my surprise it was a combination of parties. There was a representative from Scentsy, Lia Sophia, Thirty One, and Dove Chocolatier. It made the evening quite interesting. My favorite was of course the chocolate because I have quite a sweet tooth. Well, as the night went on I found out that all of the consultants were best friends. The Thirty One rep was the one living here and the others were in town visiting her on their spring break. They were just like me and were Army wives. They met each other  while stationed together and have kept in touch. As I watched them interact it made me think of my group of girls that I was so lucky to meet in Texas, Rachel, Elizabeth, Madeline, and Pam. Last night two of the consultants kept interacting like they were sisters and cutting up together. It reminded me so much of my battle buddy and best friend Rachel. It was almost like looking into the future at what Rachel and I would be. We were so lucky to meet in Texas and our husbands deployed together shortly after that. We helped each other through that tough time and many others. I am thankful for her everyday and I am sure she knows it. :) We recently moved apart because our husbands were stationed at two different posts and it sucks but I know she will be my friend forever no matter how many miles are between us. Last night was a good reminder that I will never lose touch will my Army Family!!!
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  1. You are so precious to me! Thank you-I couldn't have said this better myself:) I am thankful for the new times I have had since living here, but they don't compare to our times...No matter what I do, It usually brings me back to something we do:) I am so thankful for you and so blessed to have you as my best friend! I am ALWAYS here for you and I know no matter what, even if we go months without seeing each other, we will see each other somehow;) And I know we will live close again! I love you, dearly!