Thursday, March 29

Another Great Pinterest FInd

I know I have told you all how I LOVE Pinterest and my husband could most of the time do without except when I find really good recipes! Last night I made Honey Sesame Chicken from Julie at Table For Two and it was sooo good so I recommend everyone try it. It is a crock pot recipe which is always nice when you have a busy day! I love the convenience of throwing it in the crock pot in the morning and it is ready that evening for dinner. Lately my 2 month old looses it right around the time I need to make dinner and wants to be held so yesterday it was nice to give her the attention she wants and deserves. The weather has been so nice here so I used my free time that is usually when I am cooking and played outside with my kids. I absolutely love days like those.
This isn't my picture :) I'm not that good at photography.
 Picture courtesy of Julie at Table For Two

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