Thursday, March 1

Why I Love Pinterest!

I recently joined Pinterest and am addicted just like everyone else that is on it. I love getting craft ideas, decorating ideas, or recipes. I recently have tried a few and they have all been good. I also have a huge sweet tooth and last night made this. It is a chocolate covered strawberry pie. It was DELICIOUS! My husband came home last night from work with a stomach ache and didn't eat with us. About 2 hours later he gets up and makes his way towards what I made for dinner so I asked him if he was feeling better. He responded with kinda but I can't eat dessert if I don't eat dinner. :) So he ate dinner which was also a new recipe, I will include a link for that too. It was Herbed Chicken and Orzo. He loved that and then went on to dessert and had two slices. My son also loved the pie. I am going to have to go to this blogger's post and tell her how much my family enjoyed her pie! If you get a chance you should make it because it is soooo GOOD!

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