Friday, February 24

Working Out With A Toddler

So I have decided that I am going to try a stay at home workout DVD, Moms Into Fitness Postnatal Boot Camp, since I now I have two kids and can't make it out to the gym. It is a 12 week postnatal workout program. I didn't really do much after Jackson was born because I had no motivation and had a spell of depression right after the pregnancy and never lost my "muffin top." I didn't realize I was depressed until my Mom yelled at me and told me I wasn't acting like my normal self and needed to get on "happy pills!" Tough love! I had just been blaming it on Brian going back to Afghanistan 10 days after Jackson was born. About a month later I just woke up fine. It was like everything just snapped back in to place. Well, I didn't really experience depression after this pregnancy and I had Brian home this time so I didn't go over the deep end. :) So, back to working out. I have been weighing myself since I came home from the hospital and it seems like most of my pregnancy weight has just come off and I am sure running after a 2 year old and taking care of a newborn has played a major part. I have 8 pounds to go and I am positive it is all left on my stomach and back. I started the workout on Wednesday and it has been interesting. I am doing it while Jackson, my 2 year old, is still awake and he does it along with me and makes the workout more challenging. Every time I squat he feels the need to crawl or walk in between my legs as well as during the downward dog. And every time I am on all fours whether it is for push ups or dips, he crawls on top of me and adds 28 more pounds. I can't help but laugh and continue trying to workout. I am pretty sure I will lose the last pregnancy pounds with the help of Jackson! If the DVD works I will let you all know! :)
6 weeks post baby

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