Friday, February 24

Jackson's Belated Birthday Present

With the help from both of the grandparents Brian and I were able to buy Jackson a play set for the backyard. Jackson loves playing outside and going to the playground so I thought since I now have Ella too that it would be nice to just be able to go outside and not have to load them both into the car. After shopping around we decided on the one from Step 2. We have bought previous things from them and have loved them so I trust their products. We wanted one that we could take apart and move with because in the Army you move a lot. We actually got it a couple of weeks ago but it has been really cold and haven't had time to build it. My parents came into town this past weekend so they watched the kids and it allowed Brian to put it together. It didn't take him to long either. We kept it hidden from Jackson in the garage until it was ready to be moved outside. Well a day presented itself with good weather so my dad and Brian moved it out to the backyard and Jackson loves it. He wants to go out everyday and play on it and we have with exception to the day it snowed and it was really cold. He actually wants to go out now so I better stop typing and go play while Ella is sleeping! :)
Jackson and Grandpa

with the grandparents

Playing in the house part underneath

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