Thursday, February 9

Valentine's Day Gift For Daddy

So I got this idea for a gift for Brian this year from the kids. Really it is something I can always look back at and it will be in our house so it is kind of a gift to myself. :) I used Jackson's hand prints and Ella's footprints and made them into a heart. I then put a picture of them in it and framed it. I had it pictured to be a lot cuter in my head but I am still happy with it. I think I am going to frame it in a nicer frame but I just used one I had lying around the house for the time being. I already gave it to Brian and he loved it. I also scanned the image into the computer and made it into a card on the website I am going to send it to the grandparents as a valentine's day card. I hope it looks okay as a card. We shall see. ;)

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