Tuesday, September 6

Colorado Springs and Our New Home

So a lot can happen in 4 days. We went to Colorado Springs, CO to house hunt this past weekend and man was it exciting and stressful. We spent the first 2 days looking at housings and signing paperwork. When we pulled up to the realtor's office they had some visitors. There was 5 BIG deer just sitting right next to the building. We got so close to them and they weren't scared of us. I think I was more scared of them! When we went up the office they said the employees feed them so they are friendly deer and they come all the time. So anyway, back to the house. We made an offer on one that we LOVE and just found out today they accepted our offer so now we are ironing out details and hoping to close in October so we can move in! There were 2 signs that this was meant to be our house and the first one was when we first looked at it we found Auburn and Alabama clothes and decorations in the house. I told Brian it was a sign. The next weird thing was seeing the deer when we went back to do the contract. The address for the house is Deer Meadow Circle. I knew then that this was meant to be our house. :) I will post more pictures of our house after we close and make it our own!
We did get some down time to spend with Brian's sister, Kristen. We went to the Garden of the Gods and a minor league baseball game. The garden of the Gods is lots of huge rock formations. People can rock climb them. It was pretty neat. Jackson enjoyed himself! All in all the weekend was a huge success and we can't wait to move out there and get settled. But first we are going to ask that the next 3 weeks go by slow because the only thing missing in Colorado is our best friends the Layfields! I DO NOT want to say good bye! :( It will be a sad day but I know we will stay in touch FOREVER! Well, that's all for now!

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  1. I will miss you and Jack more than I can possibly say!!!:( Oh, and my second hubby;) But, I have never felt more sure of staying in touch with anyone like I do with you. You are more than a best friend, you are a sister and we love you all so much! I love your house..its so you..and I am not the only one making plans to come visit;) Love you, Best!!!