Monday, August 29

20 Weeks and More...

Life has been relaxing but crazy at times lately. We have had a lot going on and more to come. I swear life is never dull. We went home to Alabama in July for 10 days and spent so much needed time away from Missouri and with family. Jackson and I made the drive home without Brian and stayed the first half with my parents. My brother was home and it was so great to watch him and Jackson have so much fun playing together. Jackson really warmed up to my brother and dad which I was surprised at. I thought he would go more to my mom which he didn't. My dad loved it. My mom got her time too but it always seemed like Jackson went to my dad or brother first. Then we spent the last half with Jack and Debbie, Brian's parents. Jackson also warmed up to Jack really quickly too. I loved it. Brian joined us in Madison for the last part of the trip on Friday. Our friends Galloway and Maija were getting married and Brian was the best man. It was so much fun to see our friends. We also made some new ones. It was also nice to feel like Brian and I were out on a date all dressed up even though he had many best man duties. I love having reasons to get all dressed up. We made the trip home on Sunday and was sad to leave but glad to get back in to the routine of things.
Rehearsal Dinner and 15 Weeks Pregnant

Ryan and Maija's Wedding

While we were in Alabama Brian started his intramural softball season. We missed the first game but have been to everyone since then. Jackson has loved going to the ball fields and playing and watching his dad play ball. Now that Jackson has been watching it he has really taken to the game. He runs around the house playing his version of baseball. He has a little ball, bat, and glove. He hands the glove to Brian or I and he takes the ball and bat. He then throws the ball like he hits it and then throws the bat down and runs around the coffee table like he is running bases. We will occasionally get the ball and tag him out. He loves it and just laughs. I have also really enjoyed getting out and watching Brian play. The season is about to come to an end which really makes me sad. Brian's last game is tomorrow night and then he has a tournament and that determines the top teams.
Also, during all this chaos we have found out we are having a GIRL! Our family will be complete. One boy and one girl....well that is until we feel the urge to have another kid! Brian was a little shocked because he really thought it was going to be another boy, but he has gotten past that shock and is super excited as am I. We haven't started buying anything for her because we are saving that for when we get to Colorado Springs. I am now 20 weeks along so the pregnancy is half over. I have been really bad about taking pictures but managed to get one this past weekend. Jackson wanted to be included in the photo shoot and that is where all the good ones came from for the blog header picture!

Now on to what is in store for us. We are going to Colorado Springs this Labor Day weekend to look at houses to buy! We move out there for good on Sept. 29. We are so excited for what our future holds but at the same time have to say goodbye to some close friends that are family now. I know we will keep in touch but it just won't be the same! We will miss you Layfields!! :( That's all for now. I will try and post after we get back from Colorado Springs and let you know if we found a house! Until then......

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