Wednesday, November 2

A Whole Month's Worth of Posts :)

I want to start by saying bear with me. Brian has been home on leave for 30 days and just went back to work so we have done a lot and I have lot to blog about! Heis now back at work so we are getting back into our normal routine. So to start at the beginning we made the move out to Colorado Springs and closed on our beautiful new home. As soon as we left the closing office with our keys to the house we had the movers come. It literally only left me about an hour to do some cleaning before boxes and furniture arrived. Usually I would stay out of the movers way and let them unload but this time I decided to start unloading boxes in the kitchen so we would have dishes and could have home cooked meals again. So, I got all but 2 of them done for the kitchen and as many of you know the kitchen always has the most boxes and takes the longest to organize. I wanted the movers to be able to take as many empty boxes as they could when they left. About an hour before they left I just startedunloading and placing dishes on the counters just to empty boxes. Our kitchen looked pretty good, ha! Brian dove right in and started unloading boxes as soon as the movers left and we got so much done. We had our whole house unpacked in 2 1/2 days because Brian's parents came in town for a visit and to help us put together our house. Now not everything was in its right place and things were not hung on walls but it was all coming together and it was functional. We are still hanging little things here and there to put finishing touches on the house. Once everything is done this weekend I will post pictures. I have my fingers crossed that we get it finished on Sunday but we will see because we are going to the Army vs Air Force football game on Saturday and that is an all day thing. Now back to Jackand Debbie's visit. They helped with laundry and hanging blinds and things like that. It was so nice to have them here. They are always so much fun and help when they come. We did take breaks and get out of the house each day. One night we went to the Flying W Ranch for dinner. It is a dinner and a show. It was fun. Here are some pictures from our evening.

After a 4 day visit with Jack and Debbie we dove back into putting our house together. We had some walls that needed to be painted. We didn't do anything fancy just a nice beige color. We did paint Ella's nursery. I chose a very pale yellow so I wouldn't overwhelm Brian with girly pink. He has been really good and let me go to the outlets and buy baby girl clothes and I had a blast! I got some really cute stuff but no dresses. I only got stuff for her first three months and it is so cold here that I stuck with pants and warm clothes but all still very cute! When we went to the outlets we got to meet up with some of our Army friends from Fort Hood. They were passing through on their way to Fort Irwin in California. Even though it was a short visit it was still good to see them. Brian got to catch up with his good friend Shaun while Juli and I shopped and Jackson played with the girls. It was a good time. Our next out of the house get away was to the Cheyenne Mt Zoo. It was probably one of my favorite zoos so far. You got to feed the giraffes so they were right in your face. We also fed the birds. You walk into a room full of birds and they fly down and eat birdseed off a stick you hold. Jackson enjoyed it so much. All the animals were so close to you. During Christmas the decorate it with Christmas lights so we are looking forward to going again. I am really enjoying having so much to so close by. Now for some zoo pictures!

So I have to go make dinner and do laundry so I will post about the rest of our month later. :) Until then.....

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