Tuesday, December 9


Our Thanksgiving trip home to Madison was wonderful. The drive was not that bad for a 12 hour drive except when we hit traffic both ways. Aubrey slept the whole time both ways. She is the best dog ever! We got to see our niece Emory and she had a fascination with Aubrey's huge kennel and she kept getting in it. It was so cute!

Not only did we have a great time visiting with our families but we also got to see lots of our friends. Wewent to Mason's Pub on that Friday night and had a grand ol' time! Here are just some pics from the night.

We are looking forward to making the drive once again for CHRISTMAS!

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  1. JEALOUS! I wish that I was only a 12 hr drive from Madison! I am excited for Christmas though! I think I can probably hang out most nights. There is always something going on in my family but I can miss it for you! Only like 2 more weeks!