Sunday, November 16

Halloween and Brian's Bday

I know I am late on posting so here is one for two big holidays in my life: halloween and Brian's birthday! For Halloween we didn't do much. We went to our FRG (family readiness group) meeting for Brian's unit and it was a Halloween party. Brian went as Joe Dirt and won the funniest costume. We got a $25 gift card to Chilis. My costume was not very good because we put it together at the last minute and took things from home. We didn't want to spend any money so we just bought wigs. I am just a redneck to go along with Brian's costume.

The winning costume!

the beautiful mr and mrs gulden

Then there is the wonderful holiday that celebrates my wonderful husband's birth....his 23rd birthday! We drove up to Dallas with some of our friends Ken and Elizabeth. We first went to the JFK musuem and then to Medieval Times for dinner. Our knight, the red knight, looked like he should of been a hair model. He did not win but we still had a blast. Here are some pictures from that glorious day!

the building where the shots were fired from

the grassy knoll

the x marks the spot where JFK was shot while in his car and Ken trying to not get run over

the tortue chamber displays

Ken and Elizabeth

the birthday boy and me

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