Wednesday, October 10

Disneyland Day 1

First I want to say thanks to our two new link ups yesterday during Turn The Page Tuesday. I loved learning about new books and hope they link up again! If you are new and wondering what Turn The Page Tuesday is than you can click on the tab above for all the information. :) Now on to one of many posts of our vacation. We flew in to San Diego and rented a car to drive up to Disneyland! First we stopped and met one of my dearest best friends from high school, Carly. I haven't seen her in two years and she recently had another baby so I wanted to make sure I got to see her and her beautiful kids! It was great to catch up but of course it wasn't enough time. So until next time whenever that may be!
Well we said our goodbyes and got back in the car. We made it to Disney around 2 and spent the afternoon at California Adventure park because I wanted Jackson to see the Pixar Play Parade and it was worth it. He loved seeing all the characters from the movies he watches.
Then we made our way to Toy Story Mania. We waited in the line for 20 minutes and then they closed it because someone passed out on the ride. I told Brian we need to stick around so that we can get right on once it opened back up. We didn't know how long that would be so we rode the carousel and finally it opened back up and we walked right on. It was probably a 45 min wait and it would of been longer if we had walked off and came back. It was worth the wait. It was Jackson's favorite ride. He talked about it the whole trip and we did make it back and ride it again on day 3. After that we made our way to Cars Land and it was so amazing. It looked just like the movie. Jackson rode Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and loved it. After that ride we could tell the kids were exhausted from traveling and the heat so we grabbed 2 turkey legs, my favorite, and popped a squat and ate dinner. Day 1 came to a close and both kids fell asleep on the way back to the time share. It was a great first day and full of great memories! Tomorrow I will post about day 2 and 3 in Disneyland. Here are a few more pictures from our first day. :)

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