Thursday, April 5

Work Out Update

I am now in to my 7th week of the postnatal boot camp and I am still enjoying it. I realized I didn't post after 4 weeks. So here is my 4 week update. I was down two pounds and could really see a difference on my legs and arms but didn't see much difference in my problem area, my muffin top. I weighed my self yesterday after my workout and have lost another 2 pounds and am currently at 124.2. I couldn't be more happy because that means I only have 4 more pounds till my pre-pregnancy weight. The workouts change every week and week 7 kicked my butt. In the middle of my workout my thighs tightened up and I had to stop and stretch them. Then the rest of the day they felt weak and every time I came down the stairs I thought they were going to give out. When I woke up this morning I felt all the aftermath from the workout. My thighs are so sore! So now my back, stomach, and thighs are sore. Oh and I came to the decision to let my husband work me out once a week which since he works is going to be every Sunday. We started it this past Sunday and I think he thoroughly enjoyed telling me what to do and a couple of times he yelled at me to motivate me but it wasn't very motivating. I think we have watched too much Biggest Loser. He has a weight bench in our garage so he worked out my arms and then my abs. I asked him to come up with an actual workout to work on my problem areas so this weekend it should be interesting and I will probably be sore again! Well, here is pictures from the start of the workout and 4 weeks. I will take another picture after 8 weeks and the last picture after 12 weeks and I am done with the boot camp.

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