Friday, January 27

Ella Marie's Arrival

Boy Oh Boy this was one crazy night! The day started just like every other Monday and it was my cleaning day. I got up and showered and started cleaning. I got the whole house cleaned except one bathroom which I figured I would do the next day because I was exhausted and had to start dinner. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon and I got a big pot of Italian soup on the stove, recipe thanks to my bestie Rachel! Then Jackson and I skyped with my sister. 5:00 o'clock rolled around and Brian came home from work and we sat down to eat. About half way through dinner I wasn't feeling myself and decided to lay down on the couch and watch Brian and Jackson play boxing on the Wii. It ended up being just Brian playing and Jackson being my breathing coach because at 6:07pm I got my first contraction and it was a bad one. After I got my next one at a few minutes later I had Brian start to time them. Jackson mimicked my breathing and laid next to me. It was too cute and so funny. After the third strong one I went to take a bath to see if it would help the pain and see if they would last an hour before we called the hospital but the bath didn't do anything and they were coming 2-3 minutes apart so at 6:45pm I called the hospital and they said come in and they would check me out and I am so glad I did. We got to the hospital a little after 7:00 and they had me sit in the waiting room, REALLY! I was on the floor in the room in pain and moaning with each contraction. A nurse walked by and asked if I was ok and Brian told them NO. SO they got me into a trauma room to check me before actually checking me in. The nurse came in and asked about pressure and I told I had a little and she asked if I wanted an epidural. I told her Yes Please! I told her I don't handle pain well and end up throwing up. So she checked me and looked at me and said do you want to know what you are and of course I did. I was an 8 already! I couldn't believe it. So she went to get me another room and see if I could get an epidural. Then I threw up and it was all over from there. They rushed back in and rolled me into a labor room and rolled me onto the bed. They tried to get an IV put in in between contractions but the contractions were back to back and there was no relief period. A doctor came in to check me and it was awful because I had to push as he was checking me. I felt like I had no control over my body anymore and it was so painful. They got me set up to push and told me to hold my legs. Yea right! I told them to hold my legs so two nurses did. Brian the whole time had Jackson in his arms up by my head but not close enough to hold his hand because the nurses were on each side of me. I really didn't think I was going to be able to do it. I thought it wasn't possible! But of course it was. Ella was born after about 4 pushes and it was painful. Even though a natural birth with no pain medicine wasn't my plan I am glad I was able to experience it. I don't recommend it though! I am thankful she came as quick as she did because otherwise an all natural birth would of been even MORE painful and it was already really painful. So Ella came at 7:55pm. I wasn't even in labor for 2 hours. After it was all said and done I kept thinking if we hadn't left the house when we did I would of had Ella at the house in the car. What a story that would of been. Jackson did so well in the hospital that night. He stayed in Brian's arm the whole time during the birth and I think that is because my screaming might of scared him. And then he just hung out with us and then passed out in my bed with me. Jackson then went home to bed with Brian's sister. We are so thankful to have family close by. She was able to watch him both nights we were in the hospital. During the day Jackson hung out at the hospital and was so good. We are so blessed to have such a good boy and now we are blessed to have Ella. Our little family is complete! :) Here are a few pictures of Ella and our family.
Ella Marie Jan 9, 2012
7:55pm 6lbs 6oz
18.5 in

1 Day Old

Jackson checking out his sister

Me and My First Baby

1st Day Home

1st Day Out

Snuggle time

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  1. Oh my goodness! Amanda! I am so proud of you. The only way I will do a natural birth is if there is no other option because I can only imagine the pain... but you did it! Way to go! Little Ella is such a beauty... I can't wait to see more pictures of her as she grows. Good luck with 2. I think the first few months are challenging but then its just fun from there. Love you MandY!