Thursday, January 5

Christmas is Over and Its Time For Bigger Things!

Brian and I at the Electric Safari
Jackson with Grammy and Pop
Jackson Giving Santa a Chance
I really need to get better on posting but with a new baby about to be in the picture I don't see that happening, so I will try my best. Here is a recap of our Christmas in Colorado. Of course I couldn't travel because of how pregnant I am so Brian's family was able to come to us. His parents, aunt, uncle, cousin, and brother Kyle came into town. His sister Kristen also was here but she lives here so she didn't have an excuse to get away from us. ;) It was so nice to spend Christmas in our new home and not have to travel especially since we got a LOT of snow and roads were closed. We played the holiday pretty low key. Brian's parents flew in the Tuesday before Christmas and we took them to the zoo Wednesday night for the electric safari. They put up a whole lot of lights and you walk threw the winter wonderland. It was really nice and cold! It actually snowed while we were out there. It definitely felt like Christmas. Some of the exhibits were open too so we got to see some of the animals as well. Debbie got to feed the giraffes so that was fun to watch. Jackson wouldn't do it this time but he has done it before. Honestly I think he was too nice and cozy wrapped in his stroller in blankets. Santa was also there and Jackson actually sat on his lap! The rest of the week was pretty calm while the other family arrived. On Christmas Eve we went to the children's service and Jackson sat through the whole mass. We didn't have to take him out at all. At the end before the closing prayer it got really quiet and then Santa came in and walked down the center aisle and walked up the front and kneeled and prayed and then walked out. It was so sweet. It was like he was praying before he headed out on his long journey. It was a perfect way to end mass and Christmas Eve. After church we all went back to the house and ate pizza. No one wanted to cook since we were cooking all the next day. Jackson entertained everyone with his skills on the Wii. He is really good at sword fighting. It cracks me up!
Jackson showing his cousin Kelly how to play
Christmas day was fun and actually relaxing. We had so many helpers that I didn't do much of the cooking. We woke  up to Jack making breakfast and then we opened gifts. Jackson had a blast and loved ALL of his toys. He got so much that I only posted some pictures so I didn't bore anyone. He got a roller coaster ride on. It is hilarious to watch him on it. It has a 10 ft track and it is too cute. I got Brian an espresso machine from William Sonoma and he loved it. He later broke it and I had to call for a replacement so hopefully it doesn't break again because it is an expensive one and I am not sure they will keep replacing it. The rest of his family's visit was fun. We went out to Manitou Springs which is a little hippie town in Colorado Springs that has a big arcade and we just walked around and played the games. Other than that we just hung out and ate a LOT! After everyone left Jackson and I came down with a cold and we are still both trying to fight it off. I hope we are both better by the time Ella makes her arrival. We didn't do much for New Year's eve because we were sick. Jackson kept waking up because he was sick. We did have some company. Our friends Maddie and Chris came into town on their way home to Missouri. I got to snuggle their sweet baby girl for a little bit. She is too cute. They left early the next morning to finish their journey home. Now we are just waiting patiently for our baby girl to make her arrival. My due date is a week away and although I am ready for her to be here I would like Jackson and I to get rid of our colds first. I'm sure my next post will be about the new baby so until then....  :)
Brian playing with his new toy, espresso machine
Jackson riding his new bike

Jackson enjoying his new race track

Everyone relaxing after opening gifts

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