Monday, November 7

Exploring Denver

During all of Brian's time off we decided to go to Denver and see what the city had to offer. It is such a nice city. We drove up on a Thursday afternoon and checked into our hotel and then went to an NHL hockey game. The Colorado Avalanche played the Chicago Blackhawks. I of course was rooting for the Blackhawks and Brian decide to go for the losing team! :) Jackson really enjoyed it. He lasted the whole game and then slept once we got in the car. It was a good night. The next morning we woke up and went to this yummy crepe restaurant. It was so good! We then had some time to kill before the aquarium opened so we walked around this really cute shopping area downtown. We found some really cute baby stores so that was fun for me. Then on to the aquarium. It was really nice. They had huge fish swimming around and I think some of them scared Jackson. It was also around his nap time so I think he didn't enjoy it as much as he would of. They had mermaids that swam around the tanks and we also got to see them feed some of the fish. It was neat. And finally we went to the Hammond Candy Factory tour. It was our one free thing we did. It was neat to watch them make it. After all that Jackson had had enough so we made the hour drive back home and he was pooped. It was a good adventure and we had a great time. We look forward to going back. Our next adventure is going to be to Boulder, CO for a wing eating competition and to see the Stanley Hotel. I think it will be neat to see the hotel but I would never stay in it. The movie Shining is based on this hotel. Stephen King stayed in it and this is where he got his inspiration. Oooooooo

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