Tuesday, November 8

Army-Air Force Football Game

This past weekend we went to the Army- Air Force football game at the Academy. We went with Brian's sister and had a blast. We got there a little early and tailgated and then went and looked at the tanks and air crafts that were on display. We got to see the flyover and parachuters during the pregame which was pretty neat. Army did pretty good until half time. Then they lost. :( I haven't been to a college football game in a long time so it was fun to do it again even though it wasn't an Auburn game. One day we will make it back to an Auburn game.  We also got to see Cuba Gooding Jr. He was there promoting his next movie that comes out in January. It is about some Tuskegee Airmen. So far we have not been bored in this city!!!

Jackson before church on Sunday. He is getting so big!

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