Tuesday, February 22

Where Does Time Go....

Jackson turned 1! It happened so fast and I was excited but sad all at the same time. He is is such a good baby and now toddler. I have enjoyed being a mother so much. I will miss his baby days and everyday that passes. He is so much fun. I couldn't of asked for a more perfect baby. So, to celebrate for him we had some of our friends over and ate cake and opened presents. Brian's mom was also able to come in town to celebrate with us and it made it even more special. Jackson didn't care that much for the cake but he enjoyed opening his presents. His friend Wyatt also enjoyed helping him open the gifts. It was cute! :) The day was perfect!

Now on to February. The month is almost over and not too much has gone on. The weather got cold but then warmed up quickly. We have been spending a lot of time playing outside at the parks and playing in the backyard. Jackson prefers to be outside and I love that. I am looking forward to this summer when we can go swimming and have lots of picnics. Brian had a four day weekend this past weekend and it was such a good family weekend. I love watching Brian play with Jackson. He told me that it was his favorite weekend ever because Jackson was all about him. Jackson wanted Brian over me and that isn't always the case. I loved seeing how happy it made Brian and watch Jackson run to him and call for him and so forth! What a GREAT weekend! Well there isn't much else going on. We have a little over a month left in Texas and then we move to Fort Leonard Wood, MO. Brian is going to his Captain Career Course and then we move again at the end of the year. I am ready for the move and welcome the change it will bring. It is kind of weird to think that this time next year I could be living in Germany! Oh where will the Army take us!
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  1. Aw! Jackson is adorable!! Glad you two, I mean three!, are doing so well! Good luck with the move, and enjoy the changes it brings. Oh yeah, and blog more!!(like I'm one to talk) :)