Tuesday, December 14

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party!

This past weekend we had so friends over for a tacky Christmas sweater party and it was sooo much fun. I was impressed with what everyone wore, especially the homemade ones. We had tons of good food and played lots of fun games. My favorite was Beyond Balderdash. Everyone's responses were hilarious and I won't forget any of them. We had so much fun that we will be doing just a game night very soon to recreate all the fun we had!tons of good food and played games.
Our Sweet Family
The Layfields
The Fisics
We also decided to celebrate Christmas this past weekend with Jackson so we didn't have to transport his gifts to Alabama and back because we already know our car will be packed to its fullest. Jackson loved opening his gifts and playing with them all. He is so smart. I didn't think he would actually open them but he did and loved it! Here are some pictures from that wonderful morning.

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  1. So cute!! Merry Christmas to the Guldens! Travel safe... baby on board!! :)