Monday, September 6

Jackson is crawling!

I can't believe this time has come so quick! I thought I had like 2 months more of him being immobile, but Jackson had other plans! He crawled for the first time two days before his 7 month birthday. So he has been crawling for about three weeks and he has gotten pretty good at it. He has started pulling up on things now. He really likes bath time and has to pull up on the side of the bath and try and climb in because I don't get him in quick enough. It is hilarious to see how excited he gets! I predict walking by 9 months. Here is a quick video of him crawling!

1 comment:

  1. Life gets a lot lot lot more busy once they start moving! That sitting-up-only stage never lasts long enough. They only get faster and braver when they walk so for your sake I hope he's a little older than 9 months :)