Sunday, September 12

Football Saturdays!

So they have begun. We just finished week 2 of college football and it has been so much fun. Last weekend our really good friends the Layfields hosted the games at their house. They smoked a pork butt and it was delicious. The day was full of fun and friends and football, the three f's! Here is a nice family shot of us all in our Auburn gear.

The morning of the football Jackson was watching cartoons and Brian came in and changed the channel to football. Jackson then crawled over there and grabbed the remote. He hit a button and it changed to cartoons. It was priceless! Here is a sweet picture of him watching his cartoons in his football pajamas.

Yesterday we hosted football at our house and it was a complete success. We had a full house and had tons of fun. I completely forgot to take pictures so I will just have to get some next time we host! Until next Saturday......

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  1. You guys make a cute auburn family! I love that Jackson is already in charge of the remote! Haha!